DIY Daily: A messy faux bob

How to Do a Messy Faux Bob
How to Do a Messy Faux Bob

What you'll need:


  1. Create wavy hair look with a curling iron.

  2. Use your texture spray to make your hair extra voluminous.

  3. Lightly tease your hair all over, with special focus on the crown.

  4. Now clip up the top, shortest layers of your hair.

  5. Taking small sections of your hair, twist your hair and fold your hair under, leaving the ends out for a natural effect. Continue this all the way around your head. Don't worry about perfection, it adds to the charm.

  6. Remove the clips to let your top layer down. Pin up any longer pieces.

  7. Touch up some of the pieces with your curling iron, so that they are nice and short

  8. Use finishing spray to wrap up the look.

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