Cardboard standing desk could save lives?

This Cardboard Standing Desk May Save Your Life
This Cardboard Standing Desk May Save Your Life

A recyclable cardboard desk won't just help our environment, it might also save your life.

Three graduates from Wellington, New Zealand teamed up to create and design portable sitting and standing desks made one hundred percent from cardboard. In as little as two minutes, you could assemble a Refold desk capable of holding the weight of an average adult. But more important than it's durability or portability, these desks will be a cheaper and greener option for professionals looking to use a standing desk.

Sitting has been called "the new smoking." Researchers have found that prolonged sitting, like smoking, increases the risk of developing a number of serious illnesses like heart disease, Type II diabetes, and even several types of cancer.

Standing decreases these risks. While standing desks are generally sold for hundreds of dollars, the Refold standing desks will likely be much cheaper, though the exact price has yet to be set.

The designers have also recognized that the cardboard desks could also serve in educational settings, specifically for less fortunate schools. So Refold is collaborating with UNICEF to improve classrooms in the South Pacific.

The designers are looking to crowdsourcing to fund their project. Their initial goal of $25,000 New Zealand dollars has already been met, so they've stretched their goal to $40,000 so they can set up their own production machinery.

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