Air travelers wary of Ebola fears seen with surgical masks ... and a HAZMAT suit



Airline travelers worried about Ebola are taking matters into their own hands over fears healthcare officials have underestimated the virus.

Pictures posted to social media show a number of people arriving at airports with surgical masks and gloves on. One person wore an entire HAZMAT suit.

The images appeared following days of false alarms at the nation's airports, and also after a second healthcare worker in Dallas was revealed to have contracted the Ebola virus.

Amber Vinson, the second person to contract the deadly virus in the U.S., was also found to have made a round-trip flight from Dallas to Cleveland, returning the day before she was put into isolation at Texan Health Presbyterian hospital.

The person wearing a HAZMAT suit was photographed sitting in a departures lounge at Dulles International Airport, in Washington. D.C. The image was first spotted by the Daily Caller.

Two other passengers tweeted a picture wearing surgical masks at the Frontier gate within Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport.

Workers at the same gate were photographed by WEWS wearing rubber gloves.

Multiple other people were shown in both Cleveland and Dallas wearing surgical masks.

The planes Vinson traveled on have been thoroughly scrubbed multiple times since she was on them, Frontier Airlines announced earlier today.

But with two people diagnosed and more than 100 other possible exposures, passengers are clearly weary of officials' assurances they are safe.

Second Nurse with Ebola Flew on Airline and More
Second Nurse with Ebola Flew on Airline and More

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