Famous first date with Colbie Caillat: 20 questions on men, marriage and music

Friends of Colbie Caillat better beware!

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter, who recently released her new album "Gypsy Heart," revealed in an exclusive interview with AOL that she uses her friends' love lives as inspiration for songs.

"When I have nothing else to write about, then I tap into my friends lives. There is one song on the record called 'Nice Guys.' I wrote that about one of my friends," Caillat dished. "She's like this beautiful, smart, sophisticated woman, and she always goes for these guys that just treat her horribly. Yet the nice ones that are her friends, she just throws them to the curb."

The song, which appears on Caillat's new album is just one of many great jams from the two-time Grammy Award winner who called her latest record a "mixture of music and genres" and revealed that she cranked out more than 60 songs before settling on her favorites.

Given that her latest album deals with matters of the heart, both hers and her pals', we quizzed the California-bred performer on all things sappy, silly and sexy, including her favorite hookup song and her secret bar name.

Check out Colbie Callait's Famous First Date With AOL:

1. What do you do for a living?
I write music.

2. Where are you from?
I'm from Southern California.

3. Do you have siblings? Do you like them?
I have one sister and she's five years older than me. I love her. We're best friends.

4. How do you really say your last name?
We say it Cal-lay like ballet. In France you're supposed to say it kai-yah.

5. What's your type when it comes to dating?
I like tall guys. I like broad shoulders. And as far as personality, I love when they are confident and forward and funny. I like when someone has a sense of humor and can make me laugh and not take themselves to seriously.

6. Any exes you seriously regret dating?
Yeah, I am sure there are guys I regretted dating, but I always got rid of them before the whole boyfriend, relationship thing. I don't regret any boyfriends. I regret dates.

7. What's your idea of a romantic date?
Anything with dim lighting, candlelight or twinkle lights and Amos Lee in the background playing music. Something cozy; I like to be cozy and in a mellow setting.

8. Are people who get engaged in less than three months romantics or ridiculous?
Well, I have some friends who have done that and ... umm ... I will just say that I think it takes a lot longer to get to know someone to be able to commit your life to them.

9. What's your favorite hookup song?
Hookup song? Let's just say a good song to make out to is Miguel's "Adorn."

10. Do you have a fake bar name?
It depends. If I don't want to talk to someone, I definitely give a fake name and it is just whatever comes out. Like Stephanie or Gertrude. I like something weird or funny to scare them away.

11. Do you have your future kids' names picked out?
I always have. I think they keep changing though. When I was younger, I always wanted my daughter to be named Skylar and my son to be named Bailey. Then that was like 5 years ago or more. I like Ava, but it's like the most popular name right now. I have time though. I'm not having kids anytime soon.

12. True or False: People have one true soul mate?
I don't believe that. I believe that in life, anything can happen and you have to believe the possibility that in life there are a few people out there that you could live happily with.

13. Worst date you've ever gone on?
I haven't had a bad date. I don't really date that much. I'm the kind of girl that I kind of end up falling in love with a guy I am friends with. So I've never been on an awkward date.

14. What's the best concert you've ever gone to?
Coldplay is the best.

15. What's the worst concert you've ever gone to?
I don't know. It was probably so bad that I don't remember.

16. Most embarrassing celebrity encounter?
I think there have been a few. But I met President Obama and I was so excited that I walked up really fast and I stepped on his foot. Then I shook his hand wrong because I was so nervous. Then he made a joke about it and it was really sweet. I was embarrassed that I stepped on the President's foot.

17. What are your two favorite songs on "Gypsy Heart"?
My top two are "If You Love Me Let Me Go" and "Land Called Faraway."

18. How many times do you rock out to your own songs?
I usually rock out to my own songs at the very beginning while I'm in the studio and we're doing the mixes. Probably for a month before the record comes out, you're listening to the music constantly and trying to get a feel for it. So a lot before the record comes out then not at all after.

19. What's the most prized possession you own?
My four dogs.

20. Would you ever play someone's wedding?
I don't like to do that. I actually have a couple times, but it is something I prefer from here one out to say no to. Especially people that I know, I won't sing. I didn't even sing at my sister's wedding.

See Colbie's video for "Try":