'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson steals the show in sexy dress on 'DWTS'

'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson Steals The Show In Sexy Dress On 'DWTS'
'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson Steals The Show In Sexy Dress On 'DWTS'

It was partner switch-up week on "Dancing with the Stars," but one couple in particular, Sadie and Derek, really stole the show with a fun Charleston routine.

After that high-energy flapper performance, the couple earned a total score of 36 -- the highest score of the evening.

And even though Sadie has been wowing the judges all season so far, she's been facing a different kind of challenge: dressing conservatively for her routines.

According to The Christian Post, Sadie has been relying heavily on her father's approval of her costumes.

"[T]he conservative views of the famous Robertson family of "Duck Dynasty" have guided Sadie's 'DWTS' costumes ... Even if Willie Robertson is across the country, he video chats with his daughter before he grants his approval."


so thankful for my lovely mother who supports me & encourages me in everything I do. I love you♥️

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As ABC News pointed out, this partner switch was for one night only, and no one will be eliminated this week.

And fans on Twitter were raving about Sadie's performance, as well as guest judge Jessie J's great -- but tough -- responses to the performances.

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