Cell phone explosion caught on camera

Cellphone Explosion Caught on Tape in China
Cellphone Explosion Caught on Tape in China

You might lose your phone, you might drop your phone or even break it. But you probably wouldn't expect it to burst into flames.

One user in China learned the hard way the cell phone inferno is a real possibility if you're using shoddy phones or batteries.

The moment when a woman's phone exploded as she replaced a battery was all caught on surveillance footage inside a bus. Other passengers can be seen scrambling as she exits the bus to extinguish the flames.

According to Shanghaiist, the woman had just purchased the unidentified phone and replacement battery for only 85 Chinese Yuan, or about $14 -- prompting warnings from authorities about using low-quality electronic devices.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. But the problem with exploding phones in China is nothing new.

In 2007, a Chinese man died after his phone exploded inside his shirt pocket as he was working in high temperatures.

And last year, another woman in China said her phone blew up as it charged during a phone call.

Over on this side of the globe, the problem has also popped up in recent years around the U.S.

Teen Ariel Tolfree had a similar incident earlier this year, telling ABC, "The part where the phone was, it was burned. There was even like a hole in my mattress, so everything was all charred."

Still, Digital Trends reminds us an exploding phone is extremely rare. But there are some tips to prevent overheating: Don't use third-party batteries or chargers, and avoid keeping the phone in hot, enclosed areas.

See Ariel Tolfree's charred phone:

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