113-year-old woman had to lie about her age to get Facebook

113-Year-Old Woman Had To Lie About Her Age To Use Facebook

Minnesota's oldest resident, 114-year-old Anna Stoehr, recently decided to sign up for Facebook.

She keyed in all the requirements and everything seemed to go smoothly until it was time to enter her age. The problem was that her true age came back as invalid. Stoehr was only 113 at the time of the signup, just days before her recent 114th birthday.

113-year-old woman had to lie about her age to sse Facebook
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113-year-old woman had to lie about her age to get Facebook

Regardless, Facebook deemed that as an incorrect age. So Stoehr decided to type in that she was 99 years old -- and that did the trick. A Verizon sales representative named Joseph Ramireza is helping Stoehr learn more about the tech world. The two met in August, when Stoehr's 85-year-old son bought a smartphone from Ramireza.

When the Verizon staffer learned her age was 113, he wanted to meet her. He did, and their friendship went on to blossom. Ramireza has taught Stoehr how to e-mail and utilize Google and FaceTime.

He also helped her use a typewriter to make out a letter addressed to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to alert him she was still alive and kicking at her true age.

114-Yr-Old Woman Lies About Her Age to Join Facebook

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