Teen arrested for stabbing fellow student in band room at Virginia HS



A high school student suspected in the stabbing of another student in a Virginia high school Monday morning has been charged for the attack.

The 17-year-old attacked another teen inside the band room at Manchester High School, in suburban Richmond, just before 9:30 a.m., police said during a morning media briefing aired on WTVR.

It was announced late Monday afternoon that the individual responsible for the assault was charged with aggravated malicious wounding."

Police recovered the pock-style knife used in the attack, a law enforcement source told AOL News. There were multiple witnesses, but the source would not confirm how many people saw the frenzied stabbing.

The school was immediately put on lockdown and the threat to other students eliminated, authorities said.

"There was an isolated incident between two students who knew each other," said Chesterfield Schools spokesman Shawn Smith. "There was an altercation. It did involve a knife."

The source did say the attack was planned, but would not divulge the motivation. There was never a threat to any other students, the source added.

Tweets from students indicate the victim was stabbed 16 times and his ear was sliced off, but the police officer said only that there were multiple stab wounds.

A reporter specifically mentioned those accounts during the press briefing and asked if the student was stabbed 16 times and his ear cut off.

The student was rushed to the hospital with "serious injuries" that are not considered life threatening, according to Elmore.

A reverse 911 call to parents of Manchester High School students said the school was on lockdown, that students are safe and that parents were being asked to not come to the school, "per normal lockdown protocols.

Authorities would not name either of the two students involved in the altercation because they are minors. Additional details are not expected to be released.

Student Rushed To Hospital After Bloody Knife Attack
Student Rushed To Hospital After Bloody Knife Attack

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