Officer found guilty of stealing bag of popcorn

Officer Found Guilty of Stealing Bag of Popcorn
Officer Found Guilty of Stealing Bag of Popcorn

A police officer from Toledo, Ohio, was found guilty Monday of stealing a bag of caramel popcorn from a gas station in the neighboring city of Oregon.

WTOL reports: Whitman pays for one bag here at the register. Then when he walks out of the store, he has two bags.

Here's the kicker -- police say that it wasn't his first time stealing a bag of popcorn.

Police say Sgt. Richard "Eric" Whitman was seen doing the exact same thing the day before -- paying for one bag and then leaving with two.

How much was this bag of popcorn he allegedly stole ... twice? $1.49 per bag.

He's likely regretting that decision. Aside from a fine and court costs adding up to $187 -- roughly 125 times the cost of a bag of popcorn -- he's also suspended from the police department without pay.

The Oregon assistant police chief made a good point when he spoke to Toledo News Now, saying, "I'm sure that over the course of his career, he's done hundreds, if not thousands, of good things for people, but he won't be remembered for those, he'll be remembered for these silly incidents."

Whitman's story has been receiving national attention and was recently featured as "The Bad" on "Fox & Friends" segment "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly."

Whitman was in uniform and on duty when these incidents occurred. The Toledo Police Department is now conducting its own internal-affairs investigation.

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