Lifeguards rescue three trapped swimmers from sea cave

Lifeguards Rescue 3 Trapped Swimmers From Sea Cave
Lifeguards Rescue 3 Trapped Swimmers From Sea Cave

There was a dramatic rescue on a San Diego beach after three teenagers got trapped in a sea cave after jumping into the water Sunday afternoon.

KFMB reports: It didn't take long for the rough waves to take their toll. Authorities say it started as a group jump with 8-10 people, several managed to make it out on their own, but some needed to be helped out by bystanders.

Several San Diego lifeguard units were called to the scene, including a rescue crane. KGTV spoke with one of the rescued swimmers:

"The waves came after me, they pushed me off and I fell back," Shaime Ramirez said.

ABC 10News reports: Two strangers jumped in to help her, while on the other side of the cove one of the other inexperienced swimmers was brought up on a stretcher. He was the one lifeguards were most concerned about because he started going into shock.

Lifeguards said that swimmer was close to exhaustion. However all three were expected to be okay and none of them needed to go to the hospital.

According to KNSD, lifeguards say jumping off the cliffs is not only dangerous, but also illegal. The rescued swimmers were not ticketed as they weren't caught in the act.

Ironically though, several other jumpers were cited after lifeguards arrived on the scene.

This is reportedly a problematic spot. Rescuers had to lift a man out of the the same area with a crane earlier this year.

KSWB reports: He became stuck in the inlet and couldn't get out. There are no trails leading up from there.

None of the three rescued swimmers were seriously injured.

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