Infant trapped under father's body for 3 days

Infant Trapped Under Dead Father For 3 Days
Infant Trapped Under Dead Father For 3 Days

An infant in Louisiana is recovering in the hospital after spending three days trapped under her father's dead body.

At just 10-months-old, Betty Jean Fields was found dehydrated with blistering skin, pinned beneath her father who was identified as 43-year-old Jason Fields.

She was taken to this hospital in Shreveport for treatment. Investigators say Jason likely died of a heart attack and do not suspect foul play.

Betty's 5-year-old brother found the two Friday night and rushed to the neighbors who say the home didn't have air conditioning and it was extremely hot inside.

The Shreveport Times reports the children's mother was serving time in jail, but was released a few days early so she could care for her children.
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