Indiana man grows 1,300-pound pumpkin

Indiana Man Grows 1,300-Pound Pumpkin
Indiana Man Grows 1,300-Pound Pumpkin

This is about as exciting as vegetables get for some.

Indiana farmer Keith Edwards has spent the last four years raising a Cinderella-worthy pumpkin.

Right now he has seven big beauties growing. His largest one? It weighs 1,346 pounds.

And no, there's no Miracle-Gro involved.

He told WLFI the pumpkins can grow as much as 25 pounds a day and it definitely takes some time.

"It takes you two or three hours every day for four months to actually get them to this point. This is big for Indiana but for some northern and western states, this is nothing. They're used to growing 1,800 and 2,000 pounders."

And it's true.

The record for heaviest pumpkin ever grown went to Tim Mathison last year. It weighed more than 2,030 pounds.