Watch a giant squid violently attack a submarine


Amazing footage has emerged of a squid attacking a submarine.

Greenpeace posted a video online Friday showing the giant squid attacking the underwater vessel during a recent excursion.

The eight-second Vine video shows the beast flailing wildly at a Greenpeace submarine during an underwater voyage in the Bering Sea.

It is not clear how long ago the attack happened, but it is clear the squid did not like being near the submarine.

The sub first flashes a light at the animal that looks like a giant red flame in order to scare it off.

When that doesn't work, the squid wildly flails its tentacles at the submarine while shooting a large amount of ink at it.

Greenpeace let the animal swim harmlessly away, but the chance encounter makes for some dramatic video.

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The Giant Squid Discoverers
The Giant Squid Discoverers

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