Small town Scottish travel agency ad goes viral


A small Scottish travel agency's bizarre television ad has gone global.

Thorne Travel, based in Kilwinning, about 21 miles south of Glasgow, released a YouTube video this week with a dance music soundtrack, a dance crew, costumed characters, an acrobat, confetti, magic tricks, cheap special effects and a child kissing her mother on the mouth. It has taken the Internet by storm.

The uniformed employees of Thorne Travel start the video by strutting around the center of town, a theme that would persist throughout the advertisement.

Eight women wearing black and pink dresses, and a single man wearing all-black with a pink tie, walk through the town square like a vivacious travel mafia.

Soon a large group of teens begins dancing, their moves look like jumping jacks, while Thorne Travel stands behind them and claps.

They then proceed to make people's wishes come true by snapping their fingers like magicians to turn a woman into a bride and a small stuffed Mickey Mouse into Mickey and Minnie Mouse – who then hug the mother and daughter who just kissed each other on the mouth.

Other highlights include closeups of the staff, a strangely-costumed individual who appears to resemble a cruise ship captain and an acrobat wearing the same dress as all the staff while performing a stunt off an outdoor stairway.

He wears black high-top shoes instead of the heels worn by the female workers.

The teen dancers then fire off confetti canons while several dozen people, including Thorne Travel staff, clap madly.

It all, mercifully, comes to an end when an elderly couple walking through town remarks that they need to find a new travel agency.

"We already have," says the man, as they walk into Thorne Travel.

If only they knew.

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