Police catch alleged burglar covered in tar

Police Catch Alleged Burglar Covered in Tar
Police Catch Alleged Burglar Covered in Tar

Police in Florida captured a would-be burglary suspect on the roof of a gas station early Thursday morning, and the man was wearing an ... interesting disguise.

Meet 30-year-old Joshue Holoman. Those black smudges on his face? That's tar.

WKMG reports a witness heard sounds "described as whistling, snorting, a torch sound and a rattling fence" coming from the gas station. Police were called to the scene.

That's when they found tar-covered Holoman on the roof. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Holoman first claimed he was up on the roof at 3 o'clock in the morning to visit his family. Then he said he was repairing the air conditioning units. And finally he said he was up there sleeping.

Police didn't buy any of Holoman's stories and ended up charging him with two counts of attempted burglary of an unoccupied structure and one count each of possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief. His bond was set at $4,000.

Now, this is a pretty run-of-the-mill burglary story right? Aside from the tar disguise, of course. But news outlets all across the country are scrambling to cover it.

We just hope Holoman didn't lose any skin when trying to remove it. That stuff's pretty sticky.

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