Melissa Joan Hart's son rescued from locked car

Melissa Joan Hart's Son Rescued From Locked Car
Melissa Joan Hart's Son Rescued From Locked Car

It's every parent's nightmare --- your child is locked in the car and you can't get him or her out. For actress Melissa Joan Hart, that nightmare became a reality.

The ABC Family star accidentally locked her toddler inside her SUV and had to wait, panic stricken for help to arrive.

E! News is reporting that Hart and her husband were on their way to a studio when they accidentally locked their two year old son Tucker in the car. The parents called AAA and the auto company rushed to the scene and safely unlocked the vehicle.

"No harm was done and Tucker was rescued," an eyewitness told E!. "AAA was able to open the door quickly."

A terrifying moment for any parent and we're, of course, happy Tucker is safe.

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