Iraqi journalist among more than a dozen people executed by ISIS terrorists



An Iraqi journalist and his brother were among more than a dozen people executed Friday evening by ISIS terrorists.

Raad al-Azzawi, 37, and an Iraqi citizen, was reportedly killed Friday evening near Tikrit for refusing to work for the terror group, according to AFP. His brother and two other civilians were also executed.

Differing reports say al-Azzawi, a cameraman for Salahuddin TV was shot dead or beheaded.

But reports agree that the reporter's brother was among those killed with two other civilians and as many as nine others.

The cameraman was among about 20 people captured last month in an ISIS raid on Samara, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Terrorists had previously threatened to take his life.

"IS executed him, his brother and two other people in public today," a relative who refused to be named told AFP.

"They came to his home and took him and his brother," the relative insisted. "He did nothing wrong, his only crime was to be a cameraman, he was just doing his job.

"There must have been some people in the village who accused him of working for the government and tipped him off [to] the jihadists ... He always had his camera with him," the relative added.

The execution of an Iraqi journalist is proof ISIS is no longer waging war on just the West, but on anyone who they fear may oppose their attempt to put a stranglehold on the region, according to RSF.

"The terrorist organization, in setting up an apparatus for kidnapping and executing news professionals, is attempting to eliminate all those who refuse to swear allegiance to ISIS," said assistant research director Virginie Dangles.

U.S. journalists James Foley and Stephen Sotloff, along with a Briton and a French citizen, are among the Westerners also executed by the insurgents.

Islamic State Shells Border Crossing to Kobani
Islamic State Shells Border Crossing to Kobani

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