Horse walks through sliding doors at police station

A Horse Walks Into A Police Station
A Horse Walks Into A Police Station

A horse walks into a police station. It's not a joke, it happened on Monday.

Police in the UK had an unlikely visitor at a rural headquarters; a small horse. According to Cheshire Police, they welcome all kinds of visitors at their station but they never expected to see a small horse trot through their automatic sliding doors.

Superintendent Peter Crowcroft said of the incident, "We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest, who in the early hours of the morning quickly became the mane event of the night shift. We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ, and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security and appeared to be a well cared for animal"

The small brown and white horse resides on a nearby farm, and officers managed to escort the animal back to its real home. Some commenters online speculate the horse was looking to stay warm, but perhaps it was just looking for a job.

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