DIY Daily: The half-moon manicure

The half-moon manicure is one of the most popular beauty trends for fall 2014. This fun look can be recreated in just seven steps. You'll be over the moon about it!

Nail a Half-Moon Manicure with This Easy DIY Trick
Nail a Half-Moon Manicure with This Easy DIY Trick

Tools & materials:
Base Coat
Nail Polish
Top Coat
Nail Polisher Remover
Make-up Brush


  1. File your nails into a round shape.

  2. Add a base coat.

  3. Create the half moon. Remember it's way easier to remove the polish than having to add more later. Paint the nail, leaving space by the cuticle. Create a a roughly rounded curved moon shape.

  4. Dip a concealer brush in acetone nail polisher removed to touch up the rounded half-moon shape. Make sure to push the brush up for a clean and accentuated half moon shape. Let the polish dry before starting on the other hand that you write with.

  5. It's a bit trickier to apply to the hand you write with. To help with the application, use band-aids as a stencil for the half-moon shape. Apply the nail polish, don't be afraid to over the band-aid with your polish coat. Make sure to remove the band-aids while the nail polish is still wet.

  6. Apply the top coat. Go from the cuticle to the edge of the nail to avoid smearing nail polish in the unpainted half moon.

  7. Clean up the nails with a brush and nail polish remover as necessary.