Book of Mormon is one of most expensive books in 'Pawn Stars' shop

'Pawn Stars:' Rick Buys One Of The Most Valuable Books Seen In The Shop

On "Pawn Stars," owner Rick Harrison was offered one of the most expensive books that'd ever been in the shop: The Book of Mormon.

The appraiser said, "Rick, this by far the most valuable book you've ever had me appraise ..." He concluded that the book was worth about $40,000 dollars.

It seemed like everyone was shocked by the 1842 edition of The Book of Mormon's value. The owner of the book, Adam was too, and said that he felt like Joseph Smith when he found the plates.

Even "Pawn Stars" fans on Twitter were surprised.

According to rare book expert Rebecca Romney, the value of the book was directly related to the history of the troubled beginnings of the Mormon church. This specific book was worth more too because it was the final printed edition before the founder of the Mormon religion was killed.

In the end, Adam ended up selling the book to Rick for a smooth $24,000.

Pawn Stars Book of Mormon
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Book of Mormon is one of most expensive books in 'Pawn Stars' shop

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