A holographic Japanese pop star performed on Letterman

Hatsune Miku: The Future Of Pop Music
Hatsune Miku: The Future Of Pop Music


David Letterman has had thousands of musical guests on the "Late Show," but Wednesday night marked a first for the soon-to-be-retired funny man.

Holographic Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku performed on the famed Ed Sullivan Theater stage in front of a bewildered and amused Letterman.

"This is like being on Willie Nelson's bus," quipped the talk show host.

The ghostly-looking pop icon has gained international fame for her music produced in collaboration with the likes of Pharrell Williams and others. She has even opened for Lady Gaga.

Hatsune's songs are hits, but what sets her apart is that anyone with the software used to run the hologram can also have her sing original music, Crypton Future Media's CEO recently told BuzzFeed.

"Right after the release what happened was - on that first day even - right after the release, people were already making and uploading their music," said Hiroyuki Ito. "It started to expand very fast and the popularity raced."

The synthesized pop star can sing music made by young fans in their homes.

And now she can claim to have sang on the same stage as the Beatles.

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