Willie Nelson's braid sells for $37,000 to ... a hair collector?

Man Spends Thousands Collecting Famous Icons' Hair
Man Spends Thousands Collecting Famous Icons' Hair

A man has spent thousands of thousands of dollars on his collection ... of famous people's hair. Huh?

That collector you just saw, John Reznikoff, was rattling off famous people's names like he knew them. Marilyn Monroe ... and even George Washington. Reznikoff told CNN: "That's a nice lock of Marilyn's hair, you can see the lock of Paul McCartney's hair ... so here is the Washington lock."

The piece from CNN comes after the news Willie Nelson's braids sold for $37,000 at auction.

Reznikoff says if he would've known they were for sale, he would've bid $50,000.

He's the Guinness world record holder for biggest celebrity hair collection. We're wondering who his competition is.

In 2009, Reznikoff spoke to NPR and said one of his most prized hair pieces came from Abraham Lincoln. He said, "It is the lock that cleared the wound the night of the assassination on April 14, 1865 and it was obtained and passed down through the surgeon's hands."

And in 2013, he told VH1 he thought that lock of Lincoln's hair could probably sell for around $750,000.

Who knew the hair business could be so lucrative?

As for the recent sale of Nelson's braids, the singer chopped off his braids about 30 years ago -- gifting them to fellow country star Waylon Jennings at a sobriety party.

Seems like an odd gift ... but to each their own.

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