The amazing moment a live cricket is extracted from a man's ear


Astonishing video has emerged of what happened when an Indian man went to a doctor complaining of an ear ache.

The doctor told the man, believed to be from Southern India, that he had a two-inch cricket lodged in his ear canal and then recorded the extraction to share with the world.

The disturbing footage shows tweezers reaching down into the patient's ear and gently pulling the insect out by one of its legs.

It horrifyingly then wriggles to life and begins squirming around on the tweezers before being put down on a table.

An expert told the Daily Star that the insect is likely a house cricket.

"These critters are known to be an invasive species, appearing all over the globe," Michael Sweet, lecturer at the University of Derby and invertebrate biology expert, told the paper.

"It is likely this cricket crawled into the man's ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around."

It is not believed the pest caused the man any harm.

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Indian Doctors Pull Live Cricket From Man's Ear
Indian Doctors Pull Live Cricket From Man's Ear

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