Mixed martial arts fighter live-tweets armed standoff with police



A star mixed martial arts fighter surrendered Thursday afternoon after a four-hour standoff with police that he live-tweeted.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller was holed up in a Mission Viejo, California, home because he missed a Thursday morning court date after oversleeping, he claimed on Twitter.

The standoff began around 10:00 a.m., according to KTLA, and ended at about 2:15 p.m., the Los Angeles Times reported.

Trouble began when deputies from the Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department arrived to serve the 33-year-old an arrest warrant after he missed a scheduled court date.

"He retreated into the house, was uncooperative with any of the commands by sheriff's deputies, and based on that, we established a perimeter, called out the SWAT team and now we're in the process of establishing communication with him inside the house," a sheriff's department spokesperson told KTLA.

About an hour later, Miller fired off a tweet inviting people to come "see this drama unfold" at a Mission Viejo address.

Miller then spent the better part of Thursday firing off a series of desperate tweets.

"Please don't let them shoot me," he begged.

"I did nothing wrong," said another tweet.

Miller claims in the tweets that his legal troubles began when he took a child from a mentally incompetent "single mother immigrant mother from the Philippines" that "went off her meds."

The fighter insists that "MAYHEM IS GOOD" while asserting Thursday's events happened "because I wanted to help raise a young boy into a man."

Miller insisted all along that he wanted "a peaceful solution" but refused to emerge despite police shouting for him to come out with his hands up, until he finally surrendered just over four hours later.

Records showed Miller has previous arrests for domestic violence and vandalism since he retired from the octagon two years ago.

MMA Fighter Apparently Live-Tweeting Standoff With Authorities
MMA Fighter Apparently Live-Tweeting Standoff With Authorities

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