Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson to be arrested for drug use



Disgraced Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's legal problems are about to get much worse.

Texas officials have filed documents to have the accused child abuser arrested for violating his bond because he failed a drug test.

Peterson is said in a copy of the affidavit acquired by AOL News to have told a court staffer during his Wednesday appearance for a hearing that he "smoked a little weed" shortly before taking the test.

He was free on a $15,000 bond while awaiting trial on a single charge stemming from when allegedly beat his young son with a tree branch.

Peterson's impending arrest is the latest in a series of allegations that have accompanied the once-idolized running back's spectacular fall from grace.

A report earlier this week claimed that the two-time league MVP paid for an orgy involving four women, his underage brother and a relative using a credit card paid for with funds from his charity.

The booze-fueled romp ended reportedly when one of the women became jealous while watching Peterson have sex with another women.

She told the star player of her feelings for him and he replied that he was engaged with a child on the way. The pair argued for an hour.

Another woman filed a rape claim with local police the next morning but no criminal charges stemmed from the accusation.

Peterson has also admitted to hitting his son, but said he did not think at the time he was going overboard, that it was the same way he was disciplined as a child.

His high school football coach has since admitted to paddling a teenaged Peterson while the future NFL star played for him.

Peterson has six children with six different women, according to reports. A seventh he fathered with a North Dakota stripper was tragically beaten to death by her boyfriend.

The footballer only learned of the boy months before his horrific death.

Peterson appeared this week in a Texas court. He was expected to enter a not guilty plea on the child abuse charge but did not because no plea was asked for by the judge.

It is not clear how soon Peterson will be arrested or turn himself in, or whether he will be granted bail again.

Multiple messages left by AOL News with the Vikings front office seeking further comment have not yet been returned. An attempt to reach local authorities for further comment was not successful.

Peterson Ordered Arrested For Pot Admission
Peterson Ordered Arrested For Pot Admission

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