Cancer survivor pampered with amazing ambush makeover

Cancer Survivor's Amazing Ambush Makeover
Cancer Survivor's Amazing Ambush Makeover

Thirty-nine-year-old Holly from Maine was a lucky lady Thursday morning when she was chosen from the crowd outside the "Today" studio and given an ambush makeover ... plus it was her birthday!

She told the ambushers that she hadn't had a haircut in three years and colors it herself. Her husband and son begged the show to give her a makeover, saying she's a cancer survivor who deserves the pampering.

As you can see, before she had her long hair swept back in a ponytail.

There's a drastic difference between her before and after shots. Her long locks were cut short, her hair was dyed a reddish color (the birthday girl's wish) and that lipstick really made everything pop!

Holly's reaction to her 'after' look? "Oh, my goodness!"

Twitter users were, of course, in love with the makeover. One asked if she's the only one who cries during the segments, and another confirmed tears do flow, saying Thursday's show brought some to her eyes ... while yet another was just excited Maine was representing on-air.

Holly definitely looked great. Now let's hope her husband and son continue to spoil her on her birthday trip.

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