'Tattoo Nightmares': Artist deals with hardest cover up of her career

'Tattoo Nightmares:' Artist Deals With The Hardest Cover Up Of Her Career
'Tattoo Nightmares:' Artist Deals With The Hardest Cover Up Of Her Career

On "Tattoo Nightmares," a seasoned tattoo artist dealt with the most difficult tattoo cover up of her entire career.

Miguel got this tattoo to honor his grandmother's memory -- but he got it for cheap, and tattoo artist Reese said she could tell.

"Will you come check this out for me? The lines are as if someone dug a needle into him and just ran it straight down his arm. Miguel's cover-up is the hardest cover-up I've ever attempted."

Reese said the job was so tough because cross tattoos in general are extremely hard to disguise.

On top of that, Miguel's cross was extremely scarred and raised, which would be impossible for most artists to cover up. But not for Reese.

She managed to turn Miguel's scarred cross into a colorful tattoo of a flamenco dancer.

Reese had to place the new tattoo perfectly over the old one and use a lot of texture to make it work, but she ended up pulling it off.

Miguel couldn't have been happier with his new tribute to his grandmother.

"Tattoo Nightmares" fans on Twitter couldn't believe Reese did such a fantastic job on the cover up.

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