Man wants to trade house for an iPhone 6

Man Wants To Trade House For An iPhone 6
Man Wants To Trade House For An iPhone 6

One man is so desperate to sell his house in Detroit, he's now willing to swap it for an iPhone 6.

Larry Else told WJBK: "My client, he's from overseas, and he told me he would be willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6. ... It sounds to me like he wants the premium version, but I think he's willing to negotiate."

So what could you get for the price of a new iPhone?

The house, which is currently listed for just $3,000 on Zillow, is around 2,400 square feet in size. It has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and a finished basement.

Not too shabby. But whoever ends up buying the property would have to spend a sizable chunk of change just making the place habitable. Daily Mail reports the windows are broken, the shutters are smashed and the plants out front are totally overgrown.

When you only have to spend the price of an iPhone 6 -- which is around $650 without a contract, or $750 if you're going to make the owner's dreams come true and trade him the iPhone 6+ -- perhaps spending a little more fixing the place up wouldn't break the bank.

Turns out, the owner of the home has been dropping the asking price periodically these past few months. He's reportedly hoping to get the house sold before other homes close to foreclosure hit the market. ABC says this house itself will be foreclosed next year.

The owner has some competition when it comes to Detroit's housing market. In June, The New York Times created an interactive mosaic showing more than 43,000 properties that are close to foreclosure.

It should also be noted that whoever purchases the home will have to pay the back-taxes, which are currently around $6,000.

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