Guy torments girlfriend with 'Lord of The Rings' quotes

Guy Torments Girlfriend with 'Lord of The Rings' Quotes
Guy Torments Girlfriend with 'Lord of The Rings' Quotes

Do you like to play pranks on your significant other?

Watch as this guy continuously torments his girlfriend with quotes from 'Lord of the Rings'. She never sees them coming!

Owen McCavana, a 28-year-old Irish man from Belfast, is currently working as a professional actor in London. His girlfriend's name is Nicola Daniels, and she is originally from Birmingham, working as a musical theater actress is London as well.

The video was released only a couple of days after their 6-year anniversary.

Owen says, "How she had put up with me that long, I'll never know, as she does scare quite easily and it just cracks me up. Being the absolutely ridiculous 'Lord of the Rings' fan that I am, I decided to combine the two and send a series of Snapchats. My friends loved them, so my old schoolmate Joe Azzopardi decided to compile them!"

Credit to 'Joe Azzopardi'.

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