Dallas County sheriff's deputy admitted to hospital with Ebola-like symptoms


A Dallas County sheriff's deputy was rushed to a hospital after he displayed symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Officials say the man exhibited only a few of the symptoms of the deadly virus, but that CDC guidelines are such that he was immediately taken to the hospital.

The unnamed deputy first went to an urgent care facility in suburban Frisco complaining of symptoms of Ebola, Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland said during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Local reports claim to have confirmed the patient is a sheriff's deputy, but Piland declined to confirm his occupation. He did confirm the man was inside the apartment.

Initial reports said the deputy claimed he had direct exposure to "patient zero," but Piland said his investigation found that he only had contact with family members.

The urgent care facility was immediately closed as emergency responders arrived in Haz-Mat suits.

First responders soon learned he was not exhibiting all symptoms of Ebola but rushed him to Texas Health Resources in Dallas.

"We are treating this as a low-risk event," said Piland.

Dramatic video showed a police-escorted ambulance speeding up a highway into Dallas despite Piland saying officials are treating this as a low-risk event.

"We can't afford to make mistakes," said Piland. "We have to process all the patients."

The man taken to THR was not one of the 48 people under surveillance by health officials. Piland also would not elaborate on reports the man said he had recently traveled to West Africa.

An initial press release from the hospital addressing the deputy's admission said "there are more questions than answers about this case."

Ebola Patient in Texas Falsely Declared Health Condition in Liberia
Ebola Patient in Texas Falsely Declared Health Condition in Liberia

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