Amputee veteran lands on Men's Health magazine cover

Amputee Army Vet Makes 'Men's Health' History
Amputee Army Vet Makes 'Men's Health' History

An amputee Army Veteran is making Men's Health magazine history.

33 year old retired Army Sergeant Noah Galloway is the first reader to appear on the magazine's cover after winning the publication's first "Ultimate Men's Health Guy" contest.

The Alabama native was serving in Iraq back in December of 2005 when his humvee set off an IED. He lost his left forearm and left leg below the knee. Galloway told Men's Health the injury set him in a downward spiral. He said, "I'd sit at home and drink and smoke and sleep. That's all I did."

But then in 2010, Galloway decided to make a change. He joined a 24-hour gym so that he could work out in the early morning hours without people gawking at him. Eventually he became a runner, participating in marathons, Tough Mudders,spartan events, and other running events.

His experience led him to creating the No Excuses Charitable Fund, an organization that aims to support after-school wellness programs. And while the father of three told Men's Health that he still has the occasional down day, he's learned that they always pass.

To read more about Galloway's story, you can pick up the November issue of Men's Health magazine.

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