Vikings RB Adrian Peterson rants online about media reports of his fall from grace


Disgraced Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is blaming the media for all his problems.

Peterson ranted on Twitter early Tuesday morning about lazy reporting – only one day before he is expected to plead not guilty in a child abuse case brought against him for allegedly beating his four-year-old son with a switch.

The rant also came only hours after a report suggested he used money from his charity to pay for an orgy that also included four women, his underage brother and another relative.

The two-time MVP slams the media for reporting negatively about him, but does not say specifically what has upset him.

The orgy reportedly paid for with money from Peterson's charity ended in a drunken argument that led to him telling one of the women he was engaged and expecting a child. Another womanclaiming to police she was raped.

The former Nike poster boy - the shoe giant has severed all ties - has not denied he beat his son or offered an explanation for other reported charity fund irregularities, but snarls at "media sources that don't take the time to be great."

Peterson's legal team told ESPN his client will plead not guilty to allegations he beat his son.

"If the court asks for a plea tomorrow [and we do expect that to happen], it will very definitely be NOT guilty," a spokesman for attorney Rusty Hardin told the network.

Peterson has been placed on the NFL's exempt list for the season, which allows him to collect his full $11.75 million salary despite playing in only the first game of the season.

A trial is not expected to begin for up to a year.

Hardin represented former Major League pitcher Roger Clemens throughout his steroid and slander legal proceedings.

His latest scandal-plagued athlete faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

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