Video: Cops smash window, taser passenger during traffic stop

Video: Cops Smash Window, Taser Passenger During Traffic Stop
Video: Cops Smash Window, Taser Passenger During Traffic Stop

Police in Hammond, Indiana have been hit with a lawsuit claiming officers went too far during this traffic stop caught on cellphone video.

The confrontation happened last month, when the driver of a car was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

The cellphone video, captured by the driver's 14-year-old son, shows the driver and the front-seat passenger arguing with officers as police ordered them to get out of the car.

Officers then smashed the passenger side window and Tasered the passenger, and the plaintiffs say children in the back seat of the car were hurt by flying glass.

The suit accuses the police department of excessive force, false arrest and battery.

Hammond Police Lieutenant Richard Hoyda released a statement saying police spent several minutes trying to talk the couple out of the car.

Hoyda says officers also were concerned about their safety as the passenger kept reaching into the rear seat of the car.

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