Thrill-seekers climb 300-ft. crane

Teen Thrill Seekers Climb 300 Foot Crane
Teen Thrill Seekers Climb 300 Foot Crane

A group of British thrill seekers scaled a crane and dangled with not a single piece of safety gear.

A group of students, including nineteen year old Jack Bennett, spend a lot of their free time climbing on different structures around Brighton, a city south of London. They reached their greatest height this summer when they secretly got into a construction site and scaled a three hundred foot crane.

Jack, who wore a camera on his helmet, watched as a friend, Jake, dangled by just one hand. Jack, a graphic design student, told the Daily Mail, "We all do a lot of extreme sports and wanted to just overcome the challenge of climbing the crane. We could see the whole of brighton - the sea, the wheel and the pier in the mid dawn light."

As crazy as it sounds,no laws were broken by climbing the crane, though Sussex police warn that stunts like this are extremely dangerous and could result in an injury or death. Still, the group of dare devils have no plan of stopping any time soon.

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