Teacher's text dangerously misunderstood

Bomb Threat Joke Gets Teacher Out Of Meeting But Into Trouble
Bomb Threat Joke Gets Teacher Out Of Meeting But Into Trouble

Sarcasm doesn't always come across in text messages. That's exactly what a New York City schoolteacher learned when he jokingly asked his wife to call in a bomb threat to escape a boring meeting.

A man, identified only as Eric, was in a morning meeting at Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation in East Harlem when he started texting his wife about his state of boredom. He texted, "Call in a bomb threat." Then added, "Haha."

Apparently Eric's wife went into panic mood before she could register that it was all a joke. She called police and warned them of a bomb threat in the high school. That's when she read the "haha" text. She called police again and tried to inform them of her error, but it was too late. Eight uniformed NYPD officers showed up and questioned Eric for "some time" about the threat.

While police eventually left without making any arrests, it's still unclear if the teacher will be reprimanded by the school for his joke.

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