Professors plan to spend 73 days underwater, break world record

Professors In Florida Plan To Spend 73 Days Underwater
Professors In Florida Plan To Spend 73 Days Underwater

Two professors from Roane State Community College in eastern Tennessee have started a 73-day stint where they will be living and teaching underwater. While they're staying underwater, trying to break the world record for the most amount of time spent without surfacing, one of them will be teaching an online credit lecture class for students at Roane State Community College. Professor Jessica Fain, 25, and 63-year-old professor Bruce Cantrell will be living in a uniquely designed habitat that is 25 feet under the surface of an ocean lagoon located in Key Largo, Florida.

The pair will also be hosting a weekly live broadcast interview show named 'Classroom Under the Sea' where they'll be visited by a variety of guests scientists including Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut who was the second person to ever step foot on the moon. According to one report, their underwater living quarters is about the size of a dorm room. Their plan is to stay there until the final day of their project on December 15th. You can tune into the lectures and weekly show which will be streaming online at

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