H&M apologizes for Kurdish uniform look-alike

H&M Apologizes For Jumpsuit Resembling Kurdish Women's Uniform
H&M Apologizes For Jumpsuit Resembling Kurdish Women's Uniform

H&M is apologizing after many accused the clothing company of profiting off an outfit that resembles the uniform worn by Kurdish women fighting against ISIS.

H&M debuted an ad campaign featuring a woman in a jumpsuit similar to battle fatigues. Military boots and all. Many Kurds took to social media to point out the similarities between the loose-fitting jumpsuit and the uniforms worn by female Kurdish soldiers battling the Islamic State in the Middle East.

One posted on Facebook, "Disgraceful to say the least. At times like these, they choose to capitalise from the brave kurdish fighters in kurdistan. They should be ashamed of themselves!"

Another proposed H&M should donate some of the proceeds to the Kurdish fighters and their families.

On Monday, the Sweden-based retailer apologized and said the resemblance was purely coincidental. Their global press officer said, "At H&M we want to offer the latest within fashion... The last seasons we have seen an increasing demand on jumpsuits and therefore we currently offer a selection of jumpsuits in different colors and materials, such as denim blue and deep red."

The press officer added that khaki is one of their best selling colors.

While it's obvious why many are upset, there is a silver lining to the story; the jumpsuit is raising awareness of these brave women who are risking their lives to defend their countries.

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