Floods ravaging southern France leaves scenes of devastation, destroys famed soccer stadium


Flooding in southern France has devastated the city of Montpellier and left its celebrated soccer team without a home.

Hundreds of people fled to higher ground as the city flooded Monday for the second time in a week due to heavy rain. Similar floods also occurred last month.

Cars were left piled on top of each other or even dangling in trees, roads were washed out and water reached the fifth row of seats in Montpellier HSC's Stade de la Mosson, according to RFI.

Pictures posted to Twitter by the team show water lines topping over doorways in the flood-ravaged stadium's corridors and a muddy soccer pitch littered with equipment.

The team was forced to cancel a 40th anniversary celebration in the stadium and is now trying to decide between playing home games at a nearby rugby stadium or elsewhere for the foreseeable future, club officials said.

More than a foot of rain fell on the small city only days after a storm dumped 10 inches, according to reports.

No injuries were reported in the flooding, but The Local estimated emergency services were called overnight more than 1,200 times.

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Flooding Swamps Montpellier After Heavy Rain
Flooding Swamps Montpellier After Heavy Rain

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