'It will never end': Dutch ISIS terrorist makes pointed threat to America in televised interview


A former Dutch soldier-turned-ISIS terrorist made direct threats towards America in a CBS News interview aired on Tuesday night.

Known only as Yilmaz, the 26-year-old Dutch national ranted against the West and insisted he will "fight anybody, even if it was my own father" if they bomb the Islamic State.

The disaffected former soldier found his way to Syria two years ago after being turned down for Holland's special forces.

It was about that time he also began seeing footage of the horrors of the Assad regime, Yilmaz told the network, he shocking videos compelled him to step in.

"I felt the need as a person, and of course as a Muslim, I felt the need to do something," he said.

Yilmaz works as a military trainer and advisor to the ISIS rebels. He insists he has not taken up arms in any battles, but denounced any attempts to call the beheadings, crucifixions and other murders by ISIS soldiers war crimes.

"War crimes, what's a war crime? More than 200,000 dead (from the Syrian civil war) is not a war crime? Barrages of missiles, chemical bombs is not a war crime?" Yilmaz ranted.

YIlmaz wants Assad out of power in Syria, but hen asked about U.S. intervention, he only became further incensed.

"We don't want you (the U.S.), we want our own rules," he shouted. "We don't want your rules.

"We want Islamic law, it's the only solution."

When told by CBS reporter Clarissa Ward that not all Syrians wanted Islamic law, Yilmaz immediately fired back.

"Where are these people? We're fighting for our country," he said.

"But this is not your country," said Ward.

Yilmaz immediately shifted the conversation to bashing the U.S.

"The American government is waging this crusade against Muslims all around the world, they've always been our enemy," he said.

He then made a pointed threat to the U.S. when asked if he thought there would be attacks on American soil.

"If you keep on poking and cornering a wild dog that wants nothing but its freedom, walahi (Arabic for 'swear to God') will bite you and bite you hard, it will never end," he shouted while pointing a finger in the air.

"This is our faith, this is our religion."

Yilmaz said he has no plans to return to the Netherlands, because he is too well known, but does miss a few luxuries from back home.

"The food, electricity, warm water, these are the things that I miss, but the West? Hypocrisy, it's filled with hypocrisy."

The shocking interview aired only hours after the FBI made a public plea for help identifying Westerners, particularly Americans, involved in ISIS terror operations both at home and abroad.

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