Same-sex couples across US marry after landmark Supreme Court non-decision

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Same-sex couples across US marry after landmark Supreme Court non-decision
The first married couple in Richmond, Va., on Monday, October 6, 2014.
Supreme Court rejects states' appeals, lets gay marriage expand to 30 states
Lots of celebrating at the courthouse in Richmond. We've seen one wedding happen and heard of plans for many others!
Pics of the first gay couple to marry in Richmond. Getting their marriage license at 1pm - the minute it was legal
Supreme Court allows gay marriage to expand to 30 states in an unexpected decision today:
Gay marriage will now be legal in a majority of U.S. states.
Mazel tov to Craig Bowen and Jake Miller, the first gay couple married in Indianapolis today. [via @indystar]
Trib's photo of the day. Photog Trent Nelson captures the first gay couple married in #Utah.
LOVE IS LOVE. #equality #gaymarriage #oklahoma
Hey y'all! Virginians can now get gay married!!! Heading over to the chapel right now with my "boyfriend" @layres. I was finally able to get a picture with him smiling :)
Jennifer Melsop and Erika Turner outside the Arlington courthouse. Jennifer and Erika were the first same Alex couple to get a marriage license in Arlington,VA, and married shortly thereafter in front of a throng of journalists. They learned of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed same sex couples in Virginia to marry via a post on the human rights campaign facebook page. The couple had a ceremony planned for a year from today in DC, but acted fast to be able to get. Virginia marriage license. #onassignment #samesexmarriage #gaymarriage #virginia #scotus
#Pueblo issues gay marriage license, but El Paso County not quite ready
Mary Bishop signs her marriage license. Couple plan to marry this afternoon.
Alan Combs, who was denied a marriage license in August, just married his partner of 32 years. #INgaymarriage
Tony London and Tim Bostic are heading in to get their marriage license
Second gay couple to get marriage license in Richmond. "We didn't even change clothes" says guy in flip-flops
New marriage license in Arlington. Now says "spouse & spouse" not "bride & groom".
Hobart residents Michelle Davies & Tonya Richards officially have a marriage license from Lake Co. @nwi #nwindiana
Surprise! They got married today!
It's official! They have their marriage license!
VB deputy clerk Shanette wanted to be the one to give the couple their license
Another couple here to get their marriage license. First female couple in VB
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This was the first same-sex couple in line to apply for a marriage license following the Supreme Court’s rejection to hear Indiana’s appeal on gay marriage. What does this mean? #samesexmarriage is now legal in Indiana & the state must recognize gay marriages conducted in other states.


Same-sex couples in multiple states across America are getting married after Monday morning's landmark Supreme Court decision to not hear same-sex marriage cases.

The nation's highest court paved the way for legalized gay marriages in 11 states Monday by voting against hearing petitions of lower court decisions that struck down laws restricting the unions.

Same-sex marriage licenses are already being issued in Colorado, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, and are expected to soon begin in Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Pictures from those states showed joyous couples lining up to have their applications processed.

Many shed tears of joy as they were married, others smiled from ear to ear.

County clerks in Wyoming were reportedly declining marriage license applications Monday afternoon or insisting they did not know how to process them. Officials in "The Equality State" defiantly insisted their ban remained legal, according to reports. Laramie County is neither accepting nor denying the applications. Rather, it is putting them into a pending status while waiting for the legal situation to be sorted out.

Wyoming's justification for not recognizing the applications is on the grounds it's state constitution clearly defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The stipulation was originally made during the state's founding in order to prevent polygamy.

Legal experts believe an injunction will have to be granted by a federal court in order for same-sex marriages in the state to proceed. Monday's non-decision came 16 years to the day that Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old college student, was tortured in Wyoming for being gay. He died six days later.

It is not clear when marriage licenses will be issued to couples in the other states.

A total of 30 states, plus the District of Columbia, now have legalized same-sex marriage. The remaining 20 states have constitutional bans on the unions.

Same-Sex Marriage, Deferred

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