'RHONJ': Jim reveals Teresa Aprea's big secret in epic fight

'RHONJ': Jim reveals Teresa Aprea's big secret in epic fight

Dina took a stand the next morning, telling Amber and Jim, "Okay, what I'm going to ask you to do now is I'm gonna ask you kindly to leave. Get up, pack your bags and go."

Teresa ended up leaving as well, saying she was too upset to stay.

The scandalous rumor about Rino's alleged affair with Teresa's mother was actually started by Victoria Gotti, who shared the gossip with Teresa Giudice and Amber on the show weeks ago.

Teresa immediately denounced the rumor as soon as it started.

And she also told OK! Magazine Victoria may have had an ulterior motive for spreading it. "People do things for money. When you're a has-been, you do anything to put your name in the spotlight and get on TV."

But Victoria's rep told the same outlet she "stands by her statements 100 percent," though she says she feels bad about the way everything has unfolded.

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