Paralyzed bride surprises guests

Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle
Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle

"Whichever way we have to do it, it's been her dream. Obviously it's a dad's dream of having the honor of walking your daughter down the aisle."

Gina Giaffoglione used to be a gymnast, but she became paralyzed from the waist down six years ago after a car crash. When her boyfriend proposed in 2012 she was determined to walk down the aisle at her wedding, but not just for her. She says she did it for dad.

"Especially having dad on my arm, It's a floating you can't even explain. It's not even about the walking, your emotions are floating. Everything just seems to feel so good at that moment."

After a year and a half of physical therapy, Gina was able to walk with the help of a brace which was concealed under her dress.

Last year, we were inspired by Stevie Beale who also conquered her inability to walk on her special day.

She was also paralyzed from the waist down after a tragic car accident and had to adjust her whole life. She met her future husband while reaching out to others who had been through similar situations. When he proposed she made it her goal to walk down the aisle with him.

Her husband told about their wedding, "I was trying not to bawl like a baby in front of 300 people. Seeing her on the walker, reaching that goal that she swore she was going to hit, is something I will never forget."

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