Lion cub practices roar, gets put in his place

Lion Cub Practices Roar, Gets Put In His Place
Lion Cub Practices Roar, Gets Put In His Place

A lion practicing his roar may have pushed his luck.

Two french photographers snapped a number of stills of an adorable (yet somewhat terrifying) interaction between a small lion cub and his father at the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

It appears as if the cub was playing around and continuing to nag his father. Eventually, working on its roar inches from dad's face. The leader of the pride became fed up!

The father got into his baby's face, practically on his face, and let out a thundering roar. His son was put right in his place. No surprise, the humbled cub shuffled off and decided to hang out with his brother instead.

One of the photographers said of the scene, "I think that the adult lion was teaching his baby to roar -- it's what they do in the wild."

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