'I'm not running': Mitt Romney insists he will not run for president in 2016



Wealthy businessman Mitt Romney insisted during a Monday afternoon television appearance that he will not run for president in the next election.

The former Massachusetts governor shot down previous reports that he would take another stab at the Oval Office while being interviewed on Bloomberg.

"I'm not running, I'm not planning on running," said Romney.

The wide-ranging interview covered everything from cellphones and gay marriage to campaign stories and even the Bain Capital founder's family.

When asked about selfies, the once-presumed top Republican presidential candidate said: "It's just a strange thing in America today."

He also voiced regret over the Supreme Court's decision Monday morning to not hear petitions challenging appeals of gay marriage bans across 11 states. Romney opposed same-sex unions while running for president.

The highlight of the segment came when asked to talk about the campaign trail.

Romney quipped that he shook so many hands in San Francisco that he hurt his back. His campaign staff tracked down a masseuse from a separate hotel.

He strangely mentioned that his masseuse was a "Hispanic-American" woman who asked if he was a dancer when the massage was done.

Romney seemed much more at ease during the interview than during his campaign. Many criticized him as being too stiff on the campaign trail and said his perceived failure to connect with voters cost him votes.

The multimillionaire then joked that a major Hollywood celebrity told him "you have to be liberal in this business, but no one knows how I vote," when asked about major celebrity donors.

He then stood in front of a massive family portrait and attempted to name his nearly two-dozen grandchildren.

"I know all my grandkids," he insisted just before forgetting the name of one of the youths.

The interview ended with a fist bump.

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