Halloween 'tombstone' mystery puzzles baseball fan

Halloween Mystery Puzzles Baseball Fan
Halloween Mystery Puzzles Baseball Fan

With their current post-season run, the Royals have exorcised 29 years worth of demons. And one metro fan wants to keep it that way -- so much so that he's literally buried the ghosts of past seasons.

Jared Hellenberger's yard features a pumpkin and three tombstones for Halloween. One of those tombstones is getting all of the attention. It reads, "Royals Post-Season Drought."

Hellenberger said he thought it was a fitting way to put the losing streak to bed. But there's a little Halloween mystery even Hellenberger can't solve. After he put out the tombstone, random Royals items, including a Hosmer bobblehead and some license plates, started showing up.

"I like the secret Santa approach," Hellenberger said. "It's kind of fun not knowing who it is. Whoever you might be, well done. Can't take all the credit, you spurred this and hopefully everybody jumps on the bandwagon."

Hellenberger said he's all good with strangers adding to the collection as long as the Royals keep on winning.

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