Gym's advertisement raises eyebrows

Gym's Advertisement Raises Eyebrows
Gym's Advertisement Raises Eyebrows

A gym trying to drum up business posted an unusual advertisement outside its doors and we aren't sure if memberships increased, but they definitely got some extra attention. Take a look.

Instagram user Mia Freedman posted the photo of the sign which reads, "Tired of being fat & ugly? Just be ugly!!" and the gym's contact info written below.

The reviews were certainly mixed. Some commenters found it amusing and laughed at the sign, while others...not so much. One simply said "wow. rude."

But it looks like the same gym has been using the seemingly comical ad for awhile.

Pictures of the same advert made its rounds on the Internet last year and no one seemed to bat an eye.

And UK fitness company used the same tactic. The comments on were very much in favor of it.

I can't say it's the smartest idea to call potential customers ugly, but it's also not hard to see the intended humor in the ad.

Other gyms might want to consider getting a second opinion before posting ads.

Equinox became the target of one group that thought this ad featuring a dressy woman playing pool the entirely wrong way promoted more sexism than sexy.

Sexism Matters launched a petition to take down the billboard. It got almost 1,500 signatures.

But this ad is a whole different story. This came from the Circuit Factory in Dubai and man did they miss the mark! Promoting fitness classes with a Holocaust reference was no doubt a terrible idea. The company posted it to its Facebook page and quickly pulled it down after it sparked international outrage.

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