Woman accused of shooting husband, son more than 20 years apart

Woman Accused of Shooting Husband, Son More Than 20 Years Apart
Woman Accused of Shooting Husband, Son More Than 20 Years Apart

A Palm Beach, Florida socialite accused of shooting two family members in two separate incidents more than 20 years apart will be the subject of a CBS investigative documentary.

The documentary states, "In April of 2014 Linda Cooney, who shot her son Kevin Cooney on June 28th 2011 ... was found guilty of four counts including attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and intimidating a witness."

The incident left Kevin Cooney paralyzed. Linda Cooney was sentenced to between 13 and 41 years in prison. But that wasn't the first time she stood trial for shooting a family member.

In 1992, The Huffington Post says, Linda Cooney was charged with killing her husband, Jim, using the same gun she would eventually use to shoot Kevin. Their son was the only witness and testified on her behalf.

CBS reports, "She shot him three times with a .357 magnum. She claims it was self defense. FLASH It took the jury just hours to determine that Linda Cooney was not guilty of murder."

They add, "Kevin's testimony exonerated his mother."

Shockingly, Kevin defended his mother in her second trial as well, saying he had attacked her and she reacted in self defense. According to the Las Vegas Sun Cooney characterized herself as "a virtuous, doting mother who is routinely victimized by loved ones."

The full 48 Hours investigation airs on CBS Saturday night at 10pm ET.

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