Whatever happened to your favorite '90s child actors?


By Do You Remember

The 1990's were a decade best remembered for Monica Lewinsky's dirty dress, Grunge and Gangsta rap. Michael Jordan ran bullish over the entire sports world, while Titanic was a smash with audiences and Jurassic T-Rex's ruled the box office. On the small screen television was filled with some of the funniest, most memorable shows of all time. There were groundbreaking dramas on cable. MTV still played music videos, but each major networks had their schedules filled with an abundance of cheesy, entertaining sitcoms that kept people laughing for days. Shows like Home Improvement, Full House, The Cosby Show and Roseannewere all high on people's watch lists.

The driving forces behind the success of these and other shows were their appeal to young audiences, made possible largely by their featured child actors. Though some of the more popular young adult actors went on to have successful, and lucrative careers– continuing to work after the curtain came down on their respective programs– others chose to avoid the spotlight altogether, allowing their previous body of work to define their legacy.

DYR decided to see what some of the lesser known child stars of some of our favorite 90s shows have been up to since the days where Y2K was the scariest thing we had to look forward to.

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