The most entertaining NFL player on Twitter is...

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Think back to the first time you were introduced to Katherine Webb. Okay, don't get too excited. But please do take a trip down memory lane.

For most of us (at least those of us who don't closely follow Miss Alabama pageants...which I hope is all of us), it was during the 2014 BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

Commentator Brent Musberger swooned over the girlfriend (now wife) of 'Bama quarterback A.J. McCarron.

"You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women ... Wow," he said. "So if you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throwing around the backyard with pops."

Though Musberger's comments helped skyrocket Webb to fame, some of the responses on social media were even better than the creepy old man's comments.

Enter Darnell Dockett. The ninth-year defensive tackle out of Florida State made his infatuation with Webb quite apparent on Twitter.
He followed that up by accidentally tweeting his phone number at her and inviting her to Wing Stop before deleting that an explaining that it was supposed to be a DM (Direct Message).

That's when my love affair with Dockett began, and believe me, he's only gotten more entertaining on social media since.

During a time when athletes are more and more interested in promoting their sponsors and artificially engaging with fans, Dockett is refreshingly real.

His Twitter bio goes a little something like this: "Ex criminal who turned nothing to something. FSU & AZ cardinals is my squad, and #90 is who I be. I don't not free base cocaine. Crime pays!"

Location? "Doing doughnuts in my lambo."

Notice how he uses the fancy spelling of donut, because he's such a sophisticated young man.

But Dockett hasn't always been so willing to laugh about life. In fact, he suffered a great deal of tragedy as a young man. Dockett lost both of his parents in the span of four months when he was just 13. He walked into his house one day to find his mother shot in the head -- a murder that remains unsolved. He was supposed to move in with his estranged father, but he died of pancreatic cancer not long after.

Dockett was a troubled child who went in and out of juvenile detention centers for a while, but seems to be in a much different place now. After nine successful seasons, Dockett was ready to contribute once again on Arizona's vaunted defensive line. But on Aug. 18, he tore his ACL in practice. Since he's out for the season, he's been tweeting kind of like a kid on the bench.

Here are a few of Dockett's highlights:

Dockett Twitter
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The most entertaining NFL player on Twitter is...
Dockett weighs in on who's the best corner in the game...
Right in the midst of the NFL's bad PR storm, Dockett tweeted this lovely image. If I could understand anybody wanting to keep guns in his home, though, it would be the man whose mother was shot in her own home when he was young.
Hitting on another beautiful woman on TV...
And quickly realizing that she is married to a fellow NFL player...
Can you guess where he went to college?
Calling out racial profiling...
Calling out racial profiling...
And calling out his neighbor's wife for eyeing him...
And then there's this gem. He makes a good point, but there's something fishy here...
Oh, that's what it is...

When he's not hitting on women on Twitter, he's providing real critiques on the problems that plague the NFL and the country. He's without a doubt one of the most entertaining people on Twitter. #BirdGang

Aubrey Kragen is a senior at USC majoring in Communication. She was born in San Diego and is a fan of the Chargers, the Padres and the Spurs (because she needs at least one good team to root for). Follow her on Twitter: @aubreykragen
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