Subway's 'Sexy Halloween Costume' commercial stirring debate

Who's Really Offended by Subway 'Sexy Halloween Costume' Ad?
Who's Really Offended by Subway 'Sexy Halloween Costume' Ad?

Subway's attempts to brand itself as delicious diet food are nothing new.

Then there's this commercial, where one woman says this to another woman eating a burger: "Halloween's coming. You gotta stay in shape for all the costumes ... You know, attractive nurse, spicy Red Riding Hood, Viking princess warrior ... "

So apparently this recent ad has a couple folks upset.

Judging by the headlines, it's being interpreted as Subway telling women not to get too fat for their sexy Halloween costumes.

Jezebel called it "obviously sexist" and "stupid and lazy."

Who -- besides reporters and bloggers -- is really offended?

Take a look on Twitter and it's really just media pointing out the apparent controversy -- which is not to say that none of Subway's target audience is disturbed by the ad.

That's hard to prove, though -- because the comments are disabled on the YouTube page.

Though to be fair, comments are disabled on all of Subway's ads on YouTube. NBC reached out to the chain for a statement.

"Subway telling us that some are missing the intended humor of the ad and they never meant to offend anyone."

Seriously -- the idea that there are some women who do more undressing than dressing up for the holiday is hard to dispute.

Top sellers on Halloween costume sites bid you to play Pirate Hottie and Luscious Cheetah -- or Hot SWAT girl and Shakedown Sheriff.

You know what they say about supply and demand. Though we're guessing Subway wouldn't have drawn the media's ire if they'd thrown a sexy male costume in the mix, too.

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